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Junior Manikin Collar Junior Manikin Collar

Our Price: $6.00
DLRG Manikin O-ring Maintenance Kit DLRG Manikin O-ring Maintenance Kit

Includes the following : Back O Ring, Head O Ring, Bottom O Ring, Chest O Ring. Recommended lubricant is DOW Cornings 111 Valve lubricant and sealant for all O rings replacement.

Our Price: $15.00
Canadian Competition Manikin Plug Canadian Competition Manikin Plug

Replacement plug for the Canadian Competition Manikins. Fits all three holes:  head, back and bottom.  No o-rings are required for these plugs.  Tighten with a 1/2" rachet drive

Our Price: $18.75
Kiefer Meet Stop Watches Kiefer Meet Stop Watches

Order 10 or more for $23.00

Our Price: $25.00
Kiefer Harness and Line Replacement Kiefer Harness and Line Replacement

This nylon harness and line combo is a replacement for the Kiefer (37') Rescue Tube.

Our Price: $27.75
DLRG Rescue Manikin Replacement Plug - Bottom DLRG Rescue Manikin Replacement Plug - Bottom

comes with o-ring

Our Price: $35.00
DLRG Rescue Manikin Replacement Plug - Chest DLRG Rescue Manikin Replacement Plug - Chest

comes with o-ring

Our Price: $35.00
DLRG Rescue Manikin Replacement Plug - Head DLRG Rescue Manikin Replacement Plug - Head

comes with o-ring

Our Price: $35.00
Buoy  15 oz Buoy 15 oz

Our Price: $62.00
Obstacle 35cm Deep Obstacle 35cm Deep

Our Price: $91.00
Obstacle 70cm Deep Obstacle 70cm Deep

Obstacles for lifesaving competition are lightweight and constructed of CPVC materials, fit between existing lane ropes and provide the opportunity to add a different component to training and programming.

Senior (70cm) Obstacles available.

Our Price: $91.00
Canadian Training Manikins Canadian Training Manikins

Easy to fill and drain lifesaving rescue training manikin. Ideal for lifesaving courses, lifeguard training, employer screenings and lifesaving sport athletes.
Similar to the competition manikin without the paint and caps. Open at the bottom without a cap, that fills with water easily and submerges to simulate an unconscious victim.
Made in Canada by the Lifesaving Society.

Our Price: $189.00
Aquam Rescue Manikin ( Sport ) Aquam Rescue Manikin ( Sport )

The lifesaving mannequin has been completely redesigned. It is now more lifelike, more resistant and easy to use. Our mannequin is made in Canada and conforms to all ILS (International Lifesaving society) equipment standards.
Realistic morphology of face and neck which allows for a good grip at the nape of the neck and chin
Head plug hermetically sealed, easy to open and stays attached to the manikin to prevent loss
Good grip at the arms
4 pound weight, contains no lead
The contrasting white colour is actual moulded plastic and is NOT PAINTED on the manikin therefore there is NO scratching off of paint or loss of contrasting color. Hermetically sealed chest plug 2 opening to allow for the manikin to be filled and emptied easily with water.
Bottom plug - opening of 2 and also hermetically sealed. Dead space on bottom of the manikin is minimal which limits the quantity of water that is diffult to drain.

Our Price: $289.00
Canadian Competition Manikins Canadian Competition Manikins

Complies with ILS manikin specifications. Endorsed by ILS effective Jan 14, 2010. One of just 3 mankins in the world approved for use in ILS sanctioned competitions and the only one made in Canada approved.
Made in Canada - by Lifesaving Society. Now has non fade, non chip paint. Spin welded one size fittings prevent water leakage. Secured non-removable weight to eliminate risk of loss. New location of middle plug allows you to fill and drain manikin to the precise location. No more guessing, shaking, or time delays in event setups.

Our Price: $316.00
Competition Kit set of 6 Competition Kit set of 6

6 Canadian Competition Manikins, 6 Kiefer Rescue Tubes, 6 Obstacle (Senior)
6 Line Throw Ropes  Your Choice of 3, 7m and 3, 10m or 6, 17m.  Please put in the order notes your choices.

Our Price: $2,800.00