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5 x 9 Blue White Handi Lock Floats Contact Office for Pricing 5 x 9 Blue White Handi Lock Floats Contact Office for Pricing

Handi-Lock Floats
This special three-compartment float double-locks onto the rope when both
ends of the float are twisted in opposite directions. It is perfectly suited for lines
on waterfronts as well as indoor and outdoor pools. Used with 3/4" rope.

Rescue Timmy  Call for Pricing Rescue Timmy Call for Pricing

The Resue Timmy was developed to simulate a 3 year old patient for handling, transportation, and extrication training. This manikin can be safely used in situations too hazardous or uncomfortable for human volunteers. Made of durable vinyl with 4,100-lb. test plastic-coated cables, features include articulated joints, and weight distribution according to human weight distribution charts.

Our Price: $0.01
Mask Extension Mask Extension

Extenders to relieve ear pressure from wearing occupational masks for an extended period of time. Colours may vary.

Small: 3"
Large: 6"

Our Price: $1.00
Fox 40 Whistles W/Coil (Wristband/Lanyard ) Blue or White, Branded Fox 40 Whistles W/Coil (Wristband/Lanyard ) Blue or White, Branded

  • The Fox 40® Classic® is the standard choice referees and coaches at all levels, rescue professionals and general safety worldwide
  • No moving parts to freeze, jam or deteriorate
  • Flawless, consistent and reliable
  • The harder you blow, the louder the sound
  • Easy to blow and cannot be overblown
  • Will be heard above ambient noise, loud crowds, the roar of engines, breaking waves and thundering gale-force winds
  • Chambers are designed to self-clear when submerged in water
  • Sound will be heard up to a mile away

Laerdal Premium Strap w/speed clip ends Laerdal Premium Strap w/speed clip ends

The Laerdal premium strap with speed clip ends has been designed to be use with BaXstrap® Spineboard.

Our Price: $21.50
Fox 40 Classic Boat Safety Kit Fox 40 Classic Boat Safety Kit

Complies with Coast Guard Safety Equipment Requirements!
Includes all minimum safety requirements for your personal watercraft - no need to by everything separately:
*Fox 40 Marine LED Flashlight with 2AA Batteries
*Fox 40 pealess Safety Whistle
* 50 ft (15 m) Fox 40 Marine Water Safety Rope & Float
Fits Perfectly into a bailer capped with mirrored lid.
Innovative design makes bailer easy to grab in an emergency.

Our Price: $35.00
Speed Block - Replacement Pads & Straps 5 Pack Speed Block - Replacement Pads & Straps 5 Pack

This pack includes:
Side Foam Pads (10)
Bottom Foam Pad (5)
Velcro Straps (10)

Our Price: $35.00
Image of Mask Surgical Mask (Package of 50)

Package of 50 masks.

Features 3 sheet disposable Surgical Mask with anti bacterial filter, non-woven fabric, bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) 99%, smooth surface, moisture resistant, with elastic ear strap.

Our Price: $70.00
Speed Block - Head Immobilizer Speed Block - Head Immobilizer

CW part numbers 903092 AND 983060. Introducing the SpeedBlocks Head Immobilizer.
Designed for durability and performance, but priced for disposability, SpeedBlocks really gives you the best of both worlds. SpeedBlocks offer a simple, four-step process for application, a unique, multi-axis blocks system to accommodate all head shapes and injury positions and direct access to patient’s ears for better communication and inspection. The low-cost blocks with disposable foam pads and head straps are so effective that the inconvenience of taping the patient can be eliminated.
·       Disposable head straps and block pads allow for easy and low cost replacement
·       Reliable handle-locking mechanism with quick-release locks ensures confident application
·       Blocks provide contoured fit for patients aged 2 and up
·       Universal base and blocks with replaceable foam pads for easy, worry-free cleaning
·       Blocks slide for easy multi-axis adjustment
·       Blocks weigh only 150 gram each
·       Radiolucent, MRI, and CT scan compatible
·       Latex-free.  The first Image consists of  part numbers 903092 (Speed Block Set) and 983060 (Speed Blocks Universal Base).

Our Price: $137.48
Rope 3/4 for Bouys Rope 3/4 for Bouys

Our Price: $175.00
Rubberized Brick 3 Pack - Weights 5 , 10, 20 lbs Rubberized Brick 3 Pack - Weights 5 , 10, 20 lbs

Family of 5, 10 and 20 lb. bricks for instruction, training and competition. All three feature the new easy-grip contour; easy to pick up, easy to hold, easy to stack. Soft rubber casing is also easy on pool inner linings. Available in a 3-brick pack (1 brick of each weight) or separately: 5 lb. (2.25 kg), 10 lb. (4.5 kg) and 20 lb. (9 kg).

Our Price: $214.60

Our Price: $252.51
Laerdal Spineboard (plastic) Laerdal Spineboard (plastic)

As a rescuer you want your spineboard to be comfortable for our patient, rigid and lightweight. Further you also want to store the board easily. The BaXstrap Spineboard provides this and is one of the lightest boards on the market. The contoured design allows the board to nest compactly. This unique feature also offers patients more comfort, making it less likely that they would move around and aggravate their injuries.

Our Price: $365.00